What is ABA?

The field of studying behavior is called Behavior Analysis. Behavior Analysis looks to uncover the cause-effect relationships between the environment and behavior. more info

Why do we use ABA?

Research has shown the effectiveness...more info.

What do we teach?

we teach your child to attend to relevant and available information in their environment. More info


Functional Behavioral Assessments

We use an array of techniques to discover the reasons that your child engages in self-injury, aggression, throws tantrums, does not follow requests, or other challenges he or she may present.

Self-Care & Living Skills Assessment

We assess a number of skill domains that your child needs to grow up to be as independent as possible. We assess their self-care skills, such as brushing their teeth, dressing themselves, and more.

Intensive Behavior Intervention Services

After conducting assessments to determine what your child’s needs are, we create teaching programs to develop self-help skills, daily living skills, communication skills, social skills, and cognitive skills.

Custom 1 on 1 Parent Training Services

Our program emphasizes parent participation. Lasting progress and generalizing skills learned to new situations requires parents to practice skills that they will learn as part of their child’s therapy.